Insurers’ investment strategies are constantly evolving in response to, as well as in anticipation of, market, economic, and own organisational changes. Here we provide insight and analysis into the views of market participants and influencers on the latest developments taking place globally and how they have impacted asset allocation, investment, and trading decision-making.

Unpacking the investment opportunities in U.S Commercial Real Estate

John Murray, the head of PIMCO’s global private commercial real estate investment team, discusses the current state of CRE and where PIMCO sees opportunity and risk.

Cash dethroned: reallocation opportunities for insurers under Solvency II

Exploring the reallocation of cash holdings to potentially higher-yielding defensive assets, without incurring excessive risks or capital costs under Solvency II

Not to "D?" How about value-add real estate?

Last quarter we touched on the “D” word – Development investing. If that is not a fit for your firm, the next best higher yield alternative is to invest in value-add real estate, sometimes with operating partners, sometimes without, depend...

Matching global equity with the Social Development Goals

Johannes Probst, Portfolio Manager Equities, explains this approach, which puts SDG and return factors in an optimal relationship in the portfolio.

CIO view: why we’re not quite there on the reflation trade… yet

Anthony “Tony” Minopoli, President and Chief Investment Officer, shares how Knights of Columbus is thinking about reflation and why it cannot be considered in a vacuum

A stigmatised sector - our outlook for U.S. hotel investment

By William Pattison, Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy at Metlife Investment Management

Insurance Multi-Asset Outlook - Rising rates: threat or opportunity for insurers?

Wellington Management Multi-Asset Insurance Strategist Tim Antonelli and Investment Strategy Analyst Daniel Cook argue that now may be an opportune time for insurers to adopt a more pro-risk stance, despite the...

Getting to grips with investing in Africa

Thabo Ncalo, Head of the Investment Strategy Team at Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA), explores why Africa is a good fit for insurance investors and how firms can tackle ESG concerns in the region

New research highlights the buy-side’s lack of agility to respond to market volatility

SimCorp and Chartis recently interviewed and surveyed senior decision makers at world-leading investment management firms to learn the importance of having a comprehensive view of their portfolios –...
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