Insurers’ investment strategies are constantly evolving in response to, as well as in anticipation of, market, economic, and own organisational changes. Here we provide insight and analysis into the views of market participants and influencers on the latest developments taking place globally and how they have impacted asset allocation, investment, and trading decision-making.

Why NFU Mutual is investing in small cap equities

Matthew Grimson, Fund Manager at NFU Mutual, explains why the insurer is targeting small cap equities and how the asset class fits into the wider investment strategy

The biggest trends in fixed income investing for insurers

William Gibbons, Senior Consultant For European Insurance Investment at Mercer examines key investment trends including the shift to alternatives, the growing importance of ESG and the impact of low yield

Insurance multi-asset outlook —strong but slowing growth: a tale of two narratives

Markets appear to be caught between two hard-to-reconcile narratives: The pace of economic growth looks poised to slow, but the level of growth is likely to stay relatively strong. Multi-Asset Insur...

The challenge of investing in private assets

Illiquid deals can enhance portfolios, but are not always easy to execute, finds Natixis Investment Managers.

Understanding the role of institutional investment in achieving zero-carbon

Sam Fankhauser, Professor Of Climate Change Economics And Policy at the University Of Oxford, explores the biggest opportunities in ESG and why sometimes investors have to divest,

Why private credit is becoming more attractive to insurance investors

Nathaniel Molinari, Senior Investment Analyst at AEGIS explains why private credit is positioned favorably despite the disruptions of COVID

Building diversified and flexible private debt mandates for insurers.

Private debt offers a broad and diverse investment universe that is often well-suited to an insurer’s balance sheet. We believe that a well-constructed, diversified private debt portfolio, managed with specific...

Case study: How MAPFRE is investing in renewable energy in Spain

José Luis Jiménez, Group Chief Investment Officer at MAPFRE, explains the insurer's new partnership with Iberdrola and why social investing is a priority for the future

Juggling E, S and G: how insurers respond to the different aspects of sustainable investment.

In 2020, Aberdeen Standard Investments commissioned in-depth research across Europe. The aim was to investigate how insurance investors are responding to environmental, social and governance (ESG) c...
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