Our industry-focused events are backed up by ten years of experience in creating market leading content for the insurance asset management sector. Designed to be informative, interactive, and challenging to current perceptions and views, attendees are assured to come away with new ways of thinking and new contacts to drive forward productive business connections.

  • Insurance Investor Live | North America 2021

    • 2ND DECEMBER 2021

    • Created with the input of insurers in the North American region, Insurance Investor Live | North America 2021 will give attendees the opportunity to explore these key issues through debate, discussion, and presentation. Explore current issues, challenges and trends alongside your peers and industry pioneers at this exclusive live event.

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  • Institutional Fixed Income Summit 2021

    • 23RD & 24TH NOVEMBER 2021

    • Designed with the input of asset owners, the Institutional Fixed Income Summit brings together the community of European investment, asset allocation and cash management professionals to explore, discuss and debate strategies to generate return, manage risk and navigate an increasingly liquid environment, as well as the tools available to ensure success.

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  • Fund Operator Summit | Europe 2021

    • 17TH & 18TH NOVEMBER 2021

    • Designed with the input of asset owners, the Fund Operator Summit | Europe 2021 will bring together the community of operations and data management professionals to discuss and debate the future of operations by assessing the changing role of technology in the fund management industry.

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  • Insurance Investor Live | Europe 2021

    • 9TH & 10TH NOVEMBER 2021

    • The annual Insurance Investor Live | Europe Summit will bring together 100+ insurance investment decision makers, investment risk leaders and finance, treasury, and capital management professionals to explore new strategies and tactics to maximize returns from general account, balance sheet and cash holdings, through well risk-diversified approaches.

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  • Institutional ESG Investment Summit

    • 14TH & 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021

    • The Institutional ESG Investment Summit unites the community of senior investment officers, ESG and responsible investing experts from pension plans, insurers, foundations, endowment funds, and other institutional asset owner categories to explore the most pressing challenges and opportunities to developing world class ESG investment approaches and standards.

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  • Insurance Investor Live | DACH 2022

    • 29TH SEPTEMBER 2022

    • The Insurance Investor Live | DACH 2022 Summit is an event designed in collaboration with insurers from the DACH region. On 29th September 2022, we will bring together the community of German, Swiss, and Austrian based insurance professionals in Frankfurt to scrutinize investment, asset allocation, investment operations, risk, cash management and economic issues that will dictate the future direction of investment in both the DACH region and global economy.

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