Our research-based reports are the backbone of Clear Path Analysis and the foundation of our reputation, knowledge and contacts in the insurance asset management industry. Through ten years of publication, we’ve developed a rich database of expert-led reports covering issues including investment, operational, risk, finance, liquidity, compliance, and senior management matters that decision makers can rely on.

  • Insurance Asset Management - Bespoke Report with Wells Fargo Asset Management

    • 4 MAY 2020

    • In the search for yield, European insurers are considering how much liquidity to have in their portfolios. In order to be competitive, they are investing in European and global credit. Insurance experts from northern Europe weigh up the diversification benefits of doing so against the currency risk hedging costs in the Insurance Asset Management Bespoke report.

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  • Insurance Asset Management, Europe 2020

    • 27 JANUARY 2020

    • In expectation of a downturn or recession, insurers are trying to understand where we are in the market cycle. In the Insurance Asset Management, Europe 2020 report, they examine the effects of the uncertainty and volatility on the various asset classes and the opportunities this creates.

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  • Smart Beta Investing, Europe 2020

    • 02 DECEMBER 2019

    • Smart Beta and factor investing are no longer niche strategies like they were ten years ago. However, there are still some concerns that are holding investors back from using smart beta or allocating to factor funds.

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  • Insurance Asset Management, North America 2019

    • 14 OCTOBER 2019

    • The sixth annual Insurance Asset Management, North America report where US and Canadian chief investment officers, heads of investment risk, heads of technology and information within insurance companies come together to debate the key challenges effecting their investment activities.

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  • Investing in Fixed Income, Europe 2019

    • 03 SEPTEMBER 2019

    • Following the annual Institutional Fixed Income Summit 2019, the eighth annual Report in this series includes written transcripts of key presentations and interviews held on the day.

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