Insurers: A potent plan of attack for 2021

In this video and companion paper, Multi-Asset Insurance Strategist Tim Antonelli at Wellington Management lays out several proposed areas of focus to help insurers successfully navigate 2021.

Insurance Investor promotional contentposted on Monday, January 25, 2021

This article was produced by Wellington Management as part of their valued Industry Partnership to Insurance Investor.

2021 arrived prebaked with several challenges. Most notably, succeeding in a post-COVID regime will require that insurers formulate a potent, multi-pronged strategy to achieve portfolio goals.

In this whitepaper, Tim shares innovative thinking behind why we believe this is the year to challenge convention. In a nutshell, succeeding in a post-COVID regime will require:

  • Thinking “outside the box” – Questioning historical norms and conventional ways of investment thinking, both from an asset allocation and a capital risk perspective
  • Being open to creative solutions – Leaving no stone unturned in your attempt to find investment opportunities, generate returns, and meet business objectives
  • Staying alert to risks – Being careful to not take on undue economic, accounting, or regulatory risk in pursuit of your goals

Read further to get his innovative take on why you should: revisit the role of equities, explore a multi-asset framework, and consider convertible bonds – and don’t miss his four-step recommendation for strategically integrating ESG into your portfolio.

Click here to read the full paper.


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