With significant capital balances and tight business line margins, insurers need to ensure that they have access to liquidity, continually maximise return on capital allocations and are able to preserve cash positions. This section offers insight from those charged with excellence in treasury, capital, liquidity, and cash management on the latest trends and market developments.

Case study: How Aspen is tackling liquidity needs amid a perfect storm of risks

Matthew da Cunha, Treasury Manager at Aspen, explains why insurance investors will need to hold more cash, why he's prioritising liquidity over yield, and why technology is critical

Case study: Why IMT Insurance has reviewed its liquidity framework

Laurie Mardis, Investment Strategist at IMT Insurance, explains why the firm has reviewed its liquidity framework, what changes are being made, and how it will impact investment strategy

How QIC Global is managing diversity amid changing investment dynamics

Ankit Shah, Head of Investments and Treasury at QIC Global shares how the insurer is assessing risk, managing exposures to illiquids and alternatives and branching out into new geographies.

Treasurer view: How insurers should be thinking about cash management tools when faced with negative rates

Simon Rich, Group Treasurer at Prudential, discusses how to balance liquidity with yield, why technology will revolutionise cash management and how regulation is changing across the globe.

Of all the challenges facing insurers, the greatest is persistent low interest rates

Anthony V. Minopoli, Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer shares how Knights of Columbus is tackling the thorny issue of low interest rates.

CIO view: how to turn a crisis into an investment opportunity

Ashish Dafria, Chief Investment Officer at Aviva talks low interest rates, central bank policy and how to spot opportunities amidst the pandemic

Case study: How the Phoenix Group is using private markets to meet business objectives

Anand Kwatra FIA, Life & Investment Actuary at Phoenix Group explains how the firm is navigating illiquid investments to improve credit ratings, meet ESG targets and achieve stable cashflows

How Direct Line is tackling climate change in its bond portfolio

Jim Hardie, Director of Investment Management & Treasury at Direct Line Group explains how the insurer has developed a climate agreement framework to tackle carbon emissions

Why the time is right for alternative investments

Enrico Conti, finance operations expert at BancAssurance Popolari, explores the main drivers towards alternative investments and the factors insurers must consider to invest in this class successfully
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