With significant capital balances and tight business line margins, insurers need to ensure that they have access to liquidity, continually maximise return on capital allocations and are able to preserve cash positions. This section offers insight from those charged with excellence in treasury, capital, liquidity, and cash management on the latest trends and market developments.

Understanding emerging liquidity and cash + tools for insurance investors

Steve Matthews, Fund Manager Liquidity, Canada Life Asset Management, discusses where to go outside of bank deposits for liquidity - asset-backed securities, fund financing, commercial bank debt?

How insurance investors can adapt their risk matrices

Hasan Ahmed, Investment Risk Analyst, Legal & General Capital, explains what investors need to look for in order to keep their portfolio performing under pressure.

Private Markets: the new funding stream that’s here to stay

BNP Paribas Asset Management take a more in-depth look at the drivers behind extraordinary growth of private market assets.

Finding the balance of portfolio diversification

Massimo di Tria, Group Chief Investment Officer, at Cattolica Assicurazioni, discusses the pitfalls of over-diversifying a portfolio.

Volatility reigns amid Lloyd’s of London market investment

Gallagher Re reveals extent of precariousness to market's investment over 2021 in a new study.

How insurance investors can secure better liquidity

Erik Vynckier, Non-executive director at Foresters Friendly Society, discusses liquidity in the market and the tools for working in the current market conditions.

Overcoming the challenges of private markets for institutional investors

Pantheon’s Francesco di Valmarana and Carlos Vilares explain how secondary markets can help mitigate issues around liquidity in private markets.

How insurance investors can tackle ESG data and reporting challenges

Kroum Sourov, ESG Sovereign Investments & Research at Candriam, explores how insurance investors can find commonality in ESG data reporting.

The best strategies for insurance investors holding collateralised reinsurance

Industry experts discuss the benefits of holding collateralised reinsurance as part of a portfolio rather than the use of cash.
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