Insurers’ investment strategies are constantly evolving in response to, as well as in anticipation of, market, economic, and own organisational changes. Here we provide insight and analysis into the views of market participants and influencers on the latest developments taking place globally and how they have impacted asset allocation, investment, and trading decision-making.

How technology can assist the investment process in reinsurance transactions

Insurance has been accused of being slow to modernise and embrace technology, but the benefits if they decided to accept digitisation could be many.

How should insurance investors react to interest rates and inflationary pressures?

Bruno Servant, CEO, Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research, and Antonio Cavarero, Head of Investments, at Generali Insurance Asset Management, give their thoughts on the fiscal and regulatory pressures...

Methods for insurance investors to mitigate high inflation pressures

Rip Reeves, Chief Investment Officer, at AEGIS, explains his strategies to combat against the effects of higher inflation.

The complexity of private markets: what insurance investors need to know

Tobias Winter, Senior Portfolio Manager, Private Equity, UNIQA, discusses what investors should consider before diving in to private markets, from the admin burden to ESG.

Insurance Investor: News round-up

A quick guide for all the news you may have missed in the investment space for insurers.

How insurance investors can look to secure growth in current market conditions

Antonio Cavarero, Head of Investments, and Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research, at Generali Insurance Asset Management, explain effects of geopolitical pressures in H2 2022.

ESG lessons from the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Kay Hope, Head Of ESG Research For Global Fixed Income, Bank Of America, examines what the war in Ukraine can teach us about how to build scalable and workable ESG strategies.

ESG trends that insurance investors need to know

Randy Brown, Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life, explains why we need a better understanding of ESG across the industry.

Unprecedented times call for (un)fixed income

We’re living through a period of unparalleled disruption – inflationary pressure, rate hikes, market volatility and geopolitical shocks. As we face these new realities, we think taking an unfixed approach to fixed income is an advantage.
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