Investment risk management in the insurance sector is unique, underpinned by stringent regulatory regimes, demanding portfolio risk policies, evolving reporting procedures, and analytical solutions. Here we provide insight and expert perspectives on how those responsible for risk management are meeting existing and emerging demands on their organisations.

What does the Covid-19 vaccine announcement mean for the global economy

Jérôme Haegeli, Group Chief Economist at the Swiss Re Institute explores the impacts of a coronavirus vaccine for insurance investors as well as the other key risks influencing the market

How insurers can get operational resilience right

Professor Gianluca Pescaroli, Assistant Professor in Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience, University College London’s Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction talks through the steps organisations must take to ensure that th...

Risk insight: Entering a more subdued recovery phase

Jérôme Haegeli, Group Chief Economist at Swiss Re, explores why the economic recovery is losing steam and the political risks that are pushing volatility up.

How to invest in fallen angels

Eric Golberg, Investment Committee Chair at the ELCA Foundation explores how investors can profit from fallen angels and the trick to managing associated risks

What challenges lie ahead for insurance asset managers as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis

Patrick Saner, Head Macro Strategy, SwissRe looks at how the insurance industry might have to adapt as we head into a period of prolonged economic uncertainty

How important is liquidity for insurers when interest rates are low?

Dr Christian Dahmen, Chief Risk Officer at New Re explores how persistently low interest rates are impacting insurers and why illiquid assets are growing in popularity

CIO view: the trick to getting global credit investments right

Erik Ranberg, Chief Investment Officer at Gjensidige explores how insurers can manage the transition to global credit and what needs to be considered in terms of hedging

Case study: How one insurer adapted its operations to cope with market volatility

Jos Gilsbers, Head of Balanced Portfolios at ASR Nederland Insurance shares how his firm has dealt with the investment volatility resulting from Covid-19.
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