Investment risk management in the insurance sector is unique, underpinned by stringent regulatory regimes, demanding portfolio risk policies, evolving reporting procedures, and analytical solutions. Here we provide insight and expert perspectives on how those responsible for risk management are meeting existing and emerging demands on their organisations.

CIO view - how to decide if private markets are right for you

Four Chief Investment Officers discuss how they are getting to grips with private markets and some of the core risks associated with unlisted assets

Risk insight: the economic impact of coronavirus and supply chain disruptions

Jérôme Haegeli, group chief economist at Swiss Re examines the economic impacts of coronavirus - from slowdowns in China to supply chain shocks

Risk insight: Trade war is the top risk for investors in 2020

The top risk trends impacting investors including high risks of trade war and why protracted Brexit negotiations with the EU will keep economic uncertainty high.

EIOPA VIEW: What’s next for Solvency II?

With Solvency II currently under review, Justin Wray, deputy head of policy, EIPOA, updates insurers on the issues shaping the assessment and what could happen next.

Risk insight: Trade uncertainties will be the top risk facing investors in 2020

Jérôme Haegeli, group chief economist at Swiss Re, examines the top risk trends impacting investors including the UK general election, possible trade wars, and rising social unrest across the globe

How automation can be used to improve FX risk management and investment controls

Maria Long, Operational Due Diligence Analyst at Man FRM, discusses how to integrate automation into FX risk management, what a robust process should like and how to avoid the pitfalls

Emerging market currencies: the role of global risk

Massimo Ferrari, Economist at the European Central Bank, explores how better modelling can demonstrate the impacts of US dollar movements and global risk on emerging market investments

The challenges for boutique investors in a post-Brexit world

Richard Day, COO at Montlake examines how current EU legislation could change after Brexit and the hurdles smaller investors will need overcome to get market access

How inverted yield curves and recessionary pressures are affecting investment decisions

Insurance Investor speaks to Tom Rogers, Chief Investment Officer at Farmers Insurance about the trends shaping investment decisions
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