Investment risk management in the insurance sector is unique, underpinned by stringent regulatory regimes, demanding portfolio risk policies, evolving reporting procedures, and analytical solutions. Here we provide insight and expert perspectives on how those responsible for risk management are meeting existing and emerging demands on their organisations.

Case study: How Phoenix Group is tackling illiquid investments

Anand Kwatra, Investment Risk Manager at Phoenix Group, shares the insurer's illiquids journey so far including challenges faced across the way and lessons learnt

Risk insight: Why global inflation risk is rising fast

Jérôme Haegeli, Group Chief Economist at Swiss Re, explains why inflation is becoming likely and what that means for insurers

How insurers can find opportunities for distressed debt investing

Mikael Huldt, Head of Alternative Investments at AFA Insurance explores how Covid-19 has impacted distressed investing and what sectors present opportunities

Case study: How Aspen is tackling liquidity needs amid a perfect storm of risks

Matthew da Cunha, Treasury Manager at Aspen, explains why insurance investors will need to hold more cash, why he's prioritising liquidity over yield, and why technology is critical

Climate risk for insurers – the pathway to Net Zero

Spurred by regulatory, supervisory and investor-led initiatives, climate scenario analysis is rapidly emerging as an essential component of efforts to manage the risks around climate change.

How to manage investment psychology within the investment decision-making process

Greg Davies, Head of Behavioural Finance at Oxford Risk shares his top tips on how insurers can harness behavioural insights to create more successful outcomes for customers

How the pandemic has changed the way insurers think about downside risk and volatility

Rip Reeves, Chief Investment Officer, AEGIS Insurance Services explores how Covid-19 has changed attitudes towards ESG, why it’s increased focus on downside and what this means for insurance investm...

How (re)insurers can lead the rebuilding of a post-COVID economy

Christian Dahmen, CRO of Zurich-based, New Re discusses managing During the COVID-19 crisis and where the Industry must head next

Top trends in real estate in the Covid-era economy

Dr. Victor Calanog, Head of Commercial Real Estate Economics at Moody’s explores how investors should be thinking about real estate investments in the wake of Covid-19
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