Operational functions from the front through to the back-office underpin successful investment outcomes. Here we provide the latest thinking from leaders and influencers throughout the insurance asset management sector and examine the new trends evolving in asset servicing, technology, data, compliance, and general operational strategy.

How the pandemic has changed the way insurers think about downside risk and volatility

Rip Reeves, Chief Investment Officer, AEGIS Insurance Services explores how Covid-19 has changed attitudes towards ESG, why it’s increased focus on downside and what this means for insurance investm...

How (re)insurers can lead the rebuilding of a post-COVID economy

Christian Dahmen, CRO of Zurich-based, New Re discusses managing During the COVID-19 crisis and where the Industry must head next

Case study: How Royal London developed a framework for monitoring RI managers

Catherine Chen, Responsible Investment Manager at Royal London, explores the key challenges when it comes to evaluating and monitoring ESG managers and how the insurer is tackling them

The events of the past year prove SaaS is the right tech for right now

Over the past year, technology providers heard from people in the insurance industry who were concerned about their systems keeping up with a rapid change of pace.

Case study: How NN Group is tackling its responsible investment goals

Jelle van der Giessen, Chief Investment Officer of NN Group, explains how the insurer is facing up to climate change, the trick to overcoming data challenges and how to tackle ESG across different ass...

Case study: How MAPFRE is making sure that it embodies sustainability principles

Mónica Zuleta Díaz, MAPFRE’s Group Head of Sustainability, outlines the specific steps the firm took when developing its sustainability framework and how barriers were broken down

The Big Question: What does the future operating model look like?

Four operations experts share their views on what the future holds and whether firms will be outsourcing, co-sourcing, or moving expertise back in house.

Why IFRS 9 could threaten diversity for insurance investors

Matteo Riccardi, Chief Investment Officer at Bipiemme vita spa explores why IFSR 9 could mean more volaitility on insurance balance sheets and the challenges it poses for investing in equities and cor...

Treasurer view: How insurers should be thinking about cash management tools when faced with negative rates

Simon Rich, Group Treasurer at Prudential, discusses how to balance liquidity with yield, why technology will revolutionise cash management and how regulation is changing across the globe.
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