Operational functions from the front through to the back-office underpin successful investment outcomes. Here we provide the latest thinking from leaders and influencers throughout the insurance asset management sector and examine the new trends evolving in asset servicing, technology, data, compliance, and general operational strategy.

Four insurance portfolio allocation themes for 2022 and beyond

In today’s investment landscape, insurers are increasingly looking outside of traditional allocations to improve portfolio returns and returns on capital.

The Insurance Investment Management Insights by Invesco

Discover the challenges and opportunities coming in 2022 Solvency II review: a good start but do the changes go far enough?

Case study: How Allianz SE is adapting in light of changing Solvency II requirements

With the Solvency II directive changing the way insurers set aside capital reserves for products, capital-efficient offerings are the way forward, argues Kirti Pandey, Senior Spokesperson - Financia...

Climate risk management for insurers – benchmarking of emerging best practice

In a collaborative report between Royal London Asset Management and Solvency II Wire, via the analysis of the climate-related public disclosures of some of the largest European and UK insurers, we eva...

The next steps for insurers on their road to net zero

In this article, abrdn explores the importance of setting realistic net zero targets that are robust, based on science and achievable. They also look at what unique set of circumstances need to be con...

How Phoenix developed its holistic sustainability strategy

Sindhu Krishna, Head of Sustainable Investment at Phoenix Group, explores how the insurer set up its sustainability strategy, how it holds asset managers to account and the role of regulation

The challenge of investing in private assets

Illiquid deals can enhance portfolios, but are not always easy to execute, finds Natixis Investment Managers.

How Phoenix is using co-investment to access long-dated cash flows and ESG assets

Michael Eakins, Chief Investment Officer, Phoenix Group, explores some of the key benefits of co-investment and shares how the insurer using this approach to better match assets to liabilities.

Case study: Inside one insurer's journey to a successful alternative investment strategy

Anthony V. Minopoli, COO at Knights of Columbus explains how the insurer has built up a successful alts strategy, including expert advice and watching competitors
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