Operational functions from the front through to the back-office underpin successful investment outcomes. Here we provide the latest thinking from leaders and influencers throughout the insurance asset management sector and examine the new trends evolving in asset servicing, technology, data, compliance, and general operational strategy.

Why IFRS 9 could threaten diversity for insurance investors

Matteo Riccardi, Chief Investment Officer at Bipiemme vita spa explores why IFSR 9 could mean more volaitility on insurance balance sheets and the challenges it poses for investing in equities and cor...

Treasurer view: How insurers should be thinking about cash management tools when faced with negative rates

Simon Rich, Group Treasurer at Prudential, discusses how to balance liquidity with yield, why technology will revolutionise cash management and how regulation is changing across the globe.

Case study: How Zurich transformed its mail system to make home working a reality

How a two-week mail digitisation programme helped power a rapid move to remote working for Zurich in the UK

How insurers can get operational resilience right

Professor Gianluca Pescaroli, Assistant Professor in Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience, University College London’s Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction talks through the steps organisations must take to ensure that th...

How volatility is impacting Japanese insurers

Takahiro Ono, Director of Risk and Business Continuity Management at the Mitsubishi Insurance Corporation examines how Japanese insurance companies have responded to the coronavirus pandemic

The regulatory challenges that should be top of an insurance investor's list

Arthur Frick, CFA, INV-AIS / Investment Strategy at AXA Konzern AG gives his views on how Solvency II has impacted insurance investors and which regulatory challenges lie ahead

Case study: How one insurer adapted its operations to cope with market volatility

Jos Gilsbers, Head of Balanced Portfolios at ASR Nederland Insurance shares how his firm has dealt with the investment volatility resulting from Covid-19.

COO view: The quest for operational resilience

Mike Tumilty, Global Chief Operating Officer at Standard Life Aberdeen explores why technology is the most important service when it comes to operational resilience

The changing nature of insurance regulation

EY's Anthony Kirby looks at how insurance regulation is becoming more open-ended and what that means for investors
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