Operational functions from the front through to the back-office underpin successful investment outcomes. Here we provide the latest thinking from leaders and influencers throughout the insurance asset management sector and examine the new trends evolving in asset servicing, technology, data, compliance, and general operational strategy.

Juggling E, S and G: how insurers respond to the different aspects of sustainable investment.

In 2020, Aberdeen Standard Investments commissioned in-depth research across Europe’s five largest insurance markets: the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. Our aim was to investigate how i...

How Swiss Re has partnered with Climeworks to tackle climate change

Inside the world's first ten-year carbon removal purchase agreement

How Knights of Columbus has built a successful alternatives strategy

Anthony V. Minopoli, COO at Knights of Columbus explains how the insurer has built up a successful alts strategy, including expert advice and watching competitors

The bottom line on workplace wellbeing

Kevin Rogers, CEO, Paycare explains why financial organisations must take staff wellbeing seriously

How insurance asset managers can raise their game on processes and controls

John Stanton, director of Clearsight Consulting explains how businesses can – and should – take control of their processes in order to take control of their operational and risk controls.

Why digital transformation is critical for insurance investors that want to attract and retain employees

Dr. Zeynep Hizir, Doctor of Business Administration and Digital Transformation Influencer explains how automation can help insurance companies eliminate manual errors and provide a better employee e...

How the pandemic has changed the way insurers think about downside risk and volatility

Rip Reeves, Chief Investment Officer, AEGIS Insurance Services explores how Covid-19 has changed attitudes towards ESG, why it’s increased focus on downside and what this means for insurance investm...

How (re)insurers can lead the rebuilding of a post-COVID economy

Christian Dahmen, CRO of Zurich-based, New Re discusses managing During the COVID-19 crisis and where the Industry must head next

Case study: How Royal London developed a framework for monitoring RI managers

Catherine Chen, Responsible Investment Manager at Royal London, explores the key challenges when it comes to evaluating and monitoring ESG managers and how the insurer is tackling them
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