Operational functions from the front through to the back-office underpin successful investment outcomes. Here we provide the latest thinking from leaders and influencers throughout the insurance asset management sector and examine the new trends evolving in asset servicing, technology, data, compliance, and general operational strategy.

Case study: How AIG makes outsourcing decisions

Jeremy Baldwin, Chief Investment Officer at AIG explains how the firm decides what to outsource and what to keep in house

Case study - Using automation as a cost-effective alternative to offshoring and outsourcing

Gautier Ripert, Global Head of Operations, discusses AXA Investment Managers' adoption of robotics process automation to reduce errors, cut costs and as an alternative to outsourced operations

How quantum computing could change the face of the insurance industry

Insurance companies that fail to invest in technology may find themselves at the start of a long and steady decline, says Jason Engelbrecht, Chief Technology Officer at Munich Re

Reassessing relationships with managers - the trick to getting outsourcing right

Ian Coulman, chief investment officer at Pool Re explores why a shift toward more esoteric asset classes might see insurers outsourcing more often

How AI can help insurers manage increasing complexity in operations and accounting

Scott Kurland, managing director, & Marc Zimmerman, senior vice president, SS&C Technologies explore the new innovations that can revolutionise back and middle-end operations for insurers

How automation can be used to improve FX risk management and investment controls

Maria Long, Operational Due Diligence Analyst at Man FRM, discusses how to integrate automation into FX risk management, what a robust process should like and how to avoid the pitfalls

Transforming investment operations using artificial intelligence

Scott Kurland, Managing Director SS&C Technologies explores how different types of artificial intelligence can be used to streamline processes through the middle- and back-office for insurance investo...

Case study: how AXA Investment Managers decided to consolidate its IT systems

Gautier Ripert, Global Head of Operations, AXA Investment Managers explains how the organisation has consolidated its IT systems in the quest for a more efficient operating model.

The technological innovations that are transforming the insurance industry

Jason Engelbrecht, Chief Technology Officer at Munich Re, highlights the four areas of 'Big Technology' having the biggest impact on insurance company models
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