Roundtable: exploring trends in private debt allocations

Seven insurance investors and asset allocation experts discuss and debate the challenges in accessing private debt, how to overcome cross-border difficulties and what role alternative credit can play in ESG integration

Sara Benwellposted on Friday, March 25, 2022

Insurance Investor and NN IP, brought together a roundtable of insurers to discuss the challenges and advantages of private debt as an asset class.


  • Anand Kwatra, Senior Investment Manager, The Phoenix Group
  • Corrado Pistarino, Chief Investment Officer, Forrester’s Friendly Society
  • Bart Jan van der Noord, Institutional Clients, NN Investment Partners
  • Gerard Bonekamp, Senior Investment Manager, Achmea
  • Jeev Muthulingam, Head of Insurance Investment Solutions, NN Investment Partners
  • Marcel Naus, Senior Portfolio Manager - Coöperatie VGZ
  • Marieke Van Kamp, Head of Private Markets, NN

To download the full roundtable click here.

The roundtable discusses three key themes.

Trends in asset allocation

The first theme is asset allocation, and we asked participants to detail which asset classes they are considering now, and in the future. Panellists also explored whether better data and benchmarks would allow them to allocate more to alternative credit - and the role that asset managers can play in supporting these transitions. Finally, this chapter examines what happens when an asset class becomes popular and how investors can continue to find value.

Cross-border differences

Chapter two looks at what is driving cross-border differences and what is holding investors back from moving into new areas? We asked panellists to share where they are looking to diversify across borders, what has been the experience with local regulators? Are they helpful or a hindrance?

ESG integration in alternative credit

The final chapter focused on the role that private debt and other alternatives play in helping insurers meet their ESG targets. Panellists examined why it can be hard to find suitable strategies and where the opportunities lie. Finally, the roundtable explored to what extent ESG ambitions are part of the asset allocation decision on which private debt category to allocate to.

To download the full roundtable click here.


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