New research highlights the buy-side’s lack of agility to respond to market volatility

SimCorp and Chartis recently interviewed and surveyed senior decision makers at world-leading investment management firms to learn the importance of having a comprehensive view of their portfolios – or “One Investment Truth”.

Insurance Investor promotional contentposted on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This article was produced by SimCorp as part of their valued Industry Partnership to Insurance Investor.

The research confirmed that IMs’ front office is under stress. The need for smart decision-making is a given, and this can be significantly assisted by the right technology. But firms should not use technology for technology’s sake – it must serve the investment process fully, from front to back. Ultimately, empowering the front office with a real-time IBOR and a single source of actionable data across all asset classes will deliver the competitive advantage required to survive and thrive in today’s markets.

The solution must have a stable foundation across the enterprise, otherwise anything laid on top is merely a questionable experiment. Indeed, a solid enterprise foundation is a necessity to achieve One Investment Truth.

Investment services built on shifting sands will not create a winning solution – competition is too severe and fragmented, and inefficient and partial approaches will be rejected by today’s volatile markets. IMs must venture into new investment territory, but they must be backed by a solid system architecture, such as that offered by the IBOR – a blueprint for the investment future.

The research findings detail the widening gap between organizations that have access to real-time, accurate data across their portfolios to capitalize on volatile market conditions and plan for the unknowns - and those who don’t. 

Get your copy of the research report to see how respondents across Europe, North America and Asia answered questions such as: 

  • What’s the biggest value of having One Investment Truth for the front office?
  • What are some of the biggest data challenges that investment managers are facing today?
  • What do you think the market is underestimating by having a fragmented system landscape?
  • Where is innovation most needed? 

Click here to read the full research report.


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