Insurance Investment Outlook 2023

Against the backdrop of rising inflation and geopolitical tension, Royal London Asset Management fund managers assess the risks and opportunities that their respective asset classes could offer insurance investors.

Insurance Investor Promotional Contentposted on Wednesday, January 18, 2023

This article was produced by Royal London Asset Management as part of their valued industry partnership to Insurance Investor. 

2022 was another challenging year for insurers and their investment teams with rising inflation as well as increased geopolitical tensions and a pullback in asset prices.

In their Insurance investment outlook 2023  Royal London Asset Management’s investment managers consider the key risks and opportunities that insurance investors will face in the year ahead. 

In addition to CIO Piers Hillier discussing three issues he believes will be prominent over the next 12 months, their investment experts discuss the outlook and where value might be found across equity, fixed income, multi asset, sustainable and property markets and examine the key considerations for insurers within their respective asset classes.



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