5 things every insurer should expect from an investment accounting partner

Insurance investment managers have a lot to juggle these days—striving to increase returns in a difficult market, navigating the regulatory landscape across multiple jurisdictions, and simply having to do more with fewer people.

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Adding to these challenges, as portfolios and regulations grow more complex, so do insurance investment accounting requirements – and the stakes are high when managed incorrectly. Errors and missed deadlines increase the risk of potential reputational damage, fines and wasted resources.

Many insurers rely on external investment accounting partners precisely so they can avoid these risks. Optimal results require that partner to deliver the perfect mix of experience, expertise and technology, but a failure in even one of these areas can significantly increase your risk and hinder your ability to grow and operate effectively.

How can you really understand whether a partner can provide what you need from them? In this e-book, you will explore some of the critical features and capabilities a partner must provide if they are to deliver accurate, on-time efficient insurance investment accounting services in today’s unique environment. 

5 Things Every Insurer Should Expect from an Investment Accounting Partner discusses why the following should be non-negotiable:

  • Custodial data sourced via automation
  • A strong SOC1 control environment
  • Knowledge, service and communication
  • A single integrated system
  • High transparency, timeliness and accuracy

And, for those ready to take the research further, there is a checklist of features to look for as you evaluate your options.

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